Half the time I’m thinking about the responsible things I really
need to do like the minimum hours I can spend at work one night and get the work for a double the next day. Or will the cabbie notice I put my bare feet out the window to feel the breeze? For some reason, no matter the situation, I truly feel as though everyone is just trying to stick their feet out the window in their own ways. Feeling the breeze, breaking the rules. Today I interviewed for a company that I think I love and was meant for but who really gives a fuck. I sat and ate sushi rolls and drank wine alone before this shift started ans lasted for 10 hours.

Life gets in the way of living

Now I’m finally sitting on the floor of my brand new amazing apartment in Brooklyn with my friends that I shared incredible experiences with all over Europe. And yet I’m having anxiety about what I’m going to do with all of my clothes and when I’ll apply for real jobs again. I just have so many t-shirts from the ages of 13 and 18 of weird clubs and sports teams paired with the random memory t-shirts from environmental camps and concerts that I’ve never been to. Seriously such an overwhelming amount that I’m looking at my full 12” closet and single little dresser next to the several trash bags (there’s five) full of things I haven’t unpacked in three weeks. But who’s got the time? I somehow managed to now work three mediocre jobs and without a day off in what I’m pretty sure has been weeks but I have found Epstein’s bar in Lower East Side which has two for one MEALS and drinks on Tuesdays so honestly things are looking up. And to top it off my asthmatic cat hasn’t had an episode in a noticeable amount of time.

I’m getting annoyed with myself for how many times I’ve said ‘I just can’t wait for the next two weeks to be over.’